5 Inspiring Female YouTubers You Need to Watch

Considering last week I wrote about the importance of consuming less content, it’s pretty ironic that this week’s post is a roundup of some of my favorite YouTubers.

Let’s be real though: Some days you just want to sit back with your favorite snack and watch some videos. I totally get that!

But YouTube doesn’t have to just be for watching funny cat videos. You can also draw a lot of inspiration from it! In fact, most of my favorite YouTubers are inspirational as well as entertaining. Today, I’m going to tell you about five of my all-time favorite YouTubers who are seriously killing it on their channels.


Alyse from Raw Alignment

I’m obsessed with Raw Alignment. Alyse talks about so many inspiring topics in her videos, including empowerment, veganism, self-love, minimalism, and fitness.

A big part of what first drew me in to her channel is her unique story. She dropped everything, including finishing her college degree, to move to Hawaii and pursue Raw Alignment. It was her passion, and she trusted that she could make it work.

Raw Alignment offers a fresh perspective on life and all it has to offer. Alyse is a strong believer in following your dreams and achieving vibrance, and I always feel inspired after watching her videos. Discovering Alyse’s channel has truly broadened my horizons and inspired me to pursue a healthier lifestyle.


Sam from Rawfully Happy

Sam is a smaller YouTuber similar to Raw Alignment. She talks about veganism and a variety of other topics in her videos. Her channel revolves around the mantra “live raw. be happy” and documents her journey creating her dream life.

An interesting thing about Sam is that she actually healed her Crohn’s disease herself by experimenting with food, eventually leading her to make the switch to a raw vegan diet.

I don’t know what it is about these kinds of channels! It’s just interesting to watch someone else’s life unfold, especially when their lifestyle is so drastically different from your own. Sam has several videos about her life in Hawaii, and she even talks about her experience moving to the island with no job or place to live.


Sheena from She Meets City

If you guys like bullet journals or just stationery in general, you’ll love Sheena’s videos. She has so many beautiful bullet journal spreads that are both creative and functional.

She Meets City is the perfect channel for bullet journal enthusiasts, but Sheena also has a variety of other videos, including vlogs. She actually documented her apartment hunt in NYC as well as her moving experience!

I love watching She Meets City because I always leave feeling inspired and ready to create. She’ll have you wanting to bullet journal in no time! Her videos are some of the first bullet journal videos I ever watched and are what inspired me to start my own. I’m actually planning on starting it in January, so stay tuned. 😉


Kalyn Nicholson

Kalyn is what I’d call an organizational guru. If you’re constantly striving towards self-improvement, you should definitely give her channel a try. She makes tons of videos on planning, adulting (my favorite), journaling, and more.

Kalyn’s been making videos for over 4 years now, so if you’re new to her channel, you’ll never have to worry about running out of interesting content to watch.

Every time I watch Kalyn’s channel, I get this really cool older sister vibe. She’s relatable, but someone you can look up to at the same time. I would recommend her channel to anyone! She’s gained a massive following of over 1.3 million subscribers since her channel’s gone live. And she even has a blog that you guys should check out too.


Reese Regan

Reese is a college student at Temple University in Pennsylvania. Her YouTube channel documents her day-to-day life on and off campus.

If you’re a student, you’ll love watching Reese’s channel! She makes videos about her college experience, beauty, bullet journaling, and more! Personally, I’ll be heading off to college next fall, so this is a channel I’ve been obsessing over recently.

Watching Reese’s videos is like getting a sneak peek into the life of a college student. Her videos are fun and inspiring, but she always keeps it real and shows the downsides of her life as well. Her videos feel so personal, and she’s even talked about her struggles with depression and anxiety on her channel.


So there you have it – five of my all-time favorite female YouTubers. I know this post was a little different than what I normally do, but I wanted to share something new with you. Definitely give these channels a try the next time you’re looking for inspiration!

Let’s chat! I’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂