Why It’s Okay to Take a Blogging Break

Well, I’m back. If you didn’t notice, I took a bit of an unplanned blogging break this month. For three weeks. Yeah…that happened. But you know what? I’m totally okay with it. In fact, it’s probably one of the best things I’ve done for myself so far in 2018.

I’ll admit that at first I felt guilty about taking time off. But truthfully, February has been one crazy emotional roller coaster and I’ve just not been in the right headspace to create new blog content. But now that I’m ready to get back into things, I figured I’d start off by writing about blogging breaks and why I think they’re necessary.

I know there’s a lot of shame and guilt surrounding blogging breaks. A lot of the experts like to tell us that taking a break will pretty much be the death of our blog, but I just can’t bring myself to agree with this. This month I realized that blogging breaks can actually be good, and I was finally able to release the guilt and negative feelings I had towards them. So, here’s why it’s totally okay to take a break from blogging.


Taking time to recharge is necessary

No matter how dedicated you are to your blog, there are going to be times when you just need a break. Taking some time off to recharge every once in a while isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s absolutely necessary to avoid burnout and keep your blog going.

It’s better to take a break if you feel you need one rather than try to force out content that isn’t very helpful and that you aren’t proud of. It’s also better for your blog in the long run because instead of building up an archive of mediocre posts, you can focus on creating only the most valuable content for your audience.

Everyone needs to step back every now and then, and that’s totally okay. We tend to forget that taking a break can actually be a good thing. I think a lot of us have this idea in our heads that our blogs should be perfect and we can never miss a post, but the reality is that we’re human, not machines that can constantly be churning out new content.


Your well-being should come first

No matter how important your blog is to you or how invested you are in it, your mental, emotional, and physical health should always come first. Take it from me, it’s not worth sacrificing your well-being just to get a post up on time.

I decided I needed to take a break from blogging this month because a relationship in my life went south and I was really struggling. Because of it, my mental and emotional health started to suffer and I realized that publishing a blog post just wasn’t on my list of priorities until I was able to come to terms with what happened.

You need to put your well-being first, and if that means taking a break from blogging, then so be it. Your health and relationships are so much more important than meeting some self-imposed deadline. I know it can be frustrating when you’re trying to maintain consistency, but your blog will still be there waiting for you when you come back.


Sometimes you just have other priorities

Chances are you have other responsibilities in your life besides your blog. Maybe you’re a student, like me. You might have a job or some other commitment that takes priority over blogging. Things can become really hectic when this is the case, so you shouldn’t feel bad for taking a break to focus on other (more important) parts of your life.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a new project, but to do that, you’ll have to cut back on your blogging time and maybe miss a post here and there. That’s okay! I know it can feel you’re abandoning your blog if you do this, but unless blogging is your job or you’re running a business, you have total liberty to take a break to focus on other things whenever you feel like it.

Sometimes you might want to take a break just to experience life as it happens. There have been times when I’ve been so caught up in blogging that I’ve forgotten to be present and just live in the moment, and if I’m being honest, I really regret those times.


It allows you to take a step back + refocus

When you’ve been blogging for a while, it can be easy to get caught up in it all. Page views, visitors, followers…all the numbers can get to be a bit much. Becoming too wrapped up in these things is a telltale sign that you’re in need of a blogging break.

If you’ve lost your blogging focus, taking a break will be extremely beneficial. Breaks are the perfect opportunity to get back to basics and revisit your blogging roots. They’re also a chance to reevaluate your blogging strategy. This way, you can make changes as you see fit, and when you return from your break you’ll be able to hit the ground running.

A break is also a good time to think about your current blogging goals and decide if they still reflect what you truly want for your blog. If they do, taking a step back from creating content will help you see the bigger picture and if you’re making any progress.


Your readers won’t forget about you

Contrary to what many of the experts seem to want us to believe, you won’t be forgotten just because you missed one, two, or even three posts. The success of your blog won’t forever be tainted. Your readers aren’t going to dislike or mistrust you just because you took a break. Unless you’re gone for a super extended period of time, it’s likely that they’ll still be right there when you get back.

Fearing losing your audience is not a good reason to put out content just for the sake of it. Your readers will be able to see through anything inauthentic that you write. A good rule of thumb is to only put out work that you genuinely enjoyed creating. If you didn’t enjoy writing it, they’re not going to enjoy reading it.

As long as you are intentional about your breaks and don’t take one every single month, your loyal readers won’t forget about you. If they do, well, they probably weren’t all that interested in your content in the first place. They weren’t your target audience anyways.


I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of feeling guilty simply for needing to step back sometimes. It’s 100% okay to take a break from blogging if you need it. I think we all need to work on letting go of the idea of having a perfectly consistent blog and just accept the fact that we’re going to need a break every now and then.

Let’s chat! I’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂